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Liquid Roof Sytems available through Recon Roofing Hire The Experts

Liquid roof systems provide multiple benefits for a wide range of commercial structures as well as private homes. At Recon Roofing, we are Liquid Roof Systems Specialists. Professional application of liquid roof systems ensures that all of the potential benefits of roof coatings can be fully realized. There are different types of liquid roof systems, and the following are benefits of these systems in general.

Excellent Waterproofing

The liquid roof systems we apply at Recon Roofing provide a seamless, monolithic membrane to a roof, which is an excellent waterproofing feature. During various temperature fluctuations, liquid roof coatings expand and contract across rooftops with equal tension. On traditional rooftops, certain features of the roof are more vulnerable during movement caused by temperature changes, which results in roof leaks and the need to repair holes and seams. Liquid roof systems offer superior waterproofing.

Durable with Added Reflectivity

The life of your roof is greatly extended with a roof coating system applied by our specialists at Recon Roofing. Your existing roof is restored, without costly tear-off needed. Liquid roof systems also add roof reflectivity. This allows you to enjoy lower energy costs, with heat from the sun being reflected instead of absorbed. A reflective roof can keep a rooftop as much as 50 degrees cooler, which affects the temperature on the building interior. A residual benefit is that your air conditioning system won’t have to work so hard, and it can be expected to last longer.

Faster Installation

Liquid roof systems are often installed in less than half the time of traditional roofing systems. As a result, the installation of your new roof will involve lower labor costs, less of a disruption of building operations, and fewer of the types of inconveniences that may occur during conventional roof construction. Liquid roof systems are applied with spray, which means there is no need to put in extensive time and labor sizing roofing materials to fit appropriately around objects, walls, and penetrations on the roof.

No Demolition Needed

A liquid roof system is applied directly on top of the existing roof, with no tear-off needed. You can save money because the cost of labor and equipment involved with installation of your liquid roof system is reduced. Going with a liquid roof helps the environment, since the existing roof isn’t sent to the landfill. Also, by not tearing off the previous roof, there is no disturbance of any asbestos that may be present in the materials. Stirring asbestos up into the air is a serious hazard to the health of anyone who may breathe it in, but undisturbed asbestos causes no harm. Finally, since there is no drilling, welding, nailing, or the use of intrusive machinery involved, installation of a liquid roof system doesn’t create noise that can disrupt business.

Easy Maintenance

With a liquid roof system installed by Recon Roofing Liquid Roof Systems Specialists, you can also enjoy the lower cost of easy, quick repairs, when needed. A repair is typically completed in about 15 minutes. Hassle-free maintenance is another way liquid roof systems can save you time and cut costs.
Contact our specialists at Recon Roofing to learn more about liquid roof systems or to schedule installation of roof coating and start enjoying all of the many benefits.