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Experienced Professionals at Recon Roofing is the Perfect Solution.

When you are in need of Jupiter roof repairs, help from experts such as the experienced professionals at Recon Roofing is the perfect solution. The roof is your home’s or company’s first line of defense against harsh elements and the destructive effects of moisture. Only professionals should be trusted with the task of ensuring the integrity of your residential or commercial roof system. We offer comprehensive services and quality repairs backed by experience with installation, repair, and upkeep of every type of roofing material. Between our honest, reliable customer dealings and decades of experience at Recon Roofing, you can count on enjoying complete customer satisfaction on all Jupiter roof repairs.
Why a Licensed Roof Contractor for Roof Repair?
To save time and money and to avoid unnecessary frustration, it’s essential to hire only a professionally licensed roofer. As a Licensed Roof Contractor, Recon Roofing has passed competency requirements and testing related to trade skills and businesses practices. We are certified professionals backed by the requisite insurance and 35-plus years of experience. The following are additional reasons to hire a professional roof repair contractor to address problems with the roof:

Professionals have the needed tools to do the job, and we are able to obtain roofing materials at discounted costs. Ultimately, hiring a licensed roofing contractor is cost-effective.


Roofing experts at Recon Roofing efficiently evaluate the condition of a roof and can use the perfect equipment to get the job of repair done effectively.


Professional indemnity insurance provides protection for homeowners and companies, in case an accident occurs on property that leads to an injury.


Professionals know how to ensure that the materials used for roof repair are of the best quality and the right fit for a particular project.


Certain licensing is required for expert roofing. In addition, rules and regulations handed down by regulatory bodies and trade organizations must be adhered to. Recon Roofing is a member of all relevant trade/professional organizations and maintains familiarity with the most up-to-date regulatory requirements.

Common Reasons Roofing Repair is Needed
It’s not unusual for a Florida roof to need repair, largely because there are many different things that can affect the integrity of the roof. Nothing on a home or business takes the brunt of harsh elements like the roof, and nothing is as important as the roof, as far as protecting the structure from damage. Roof repair may be needed for any of the following reasons and more:

Roof shingles go missing as a result of high winds, wear and tear, and any number of other reasons. The effectiveness of a roof depends on shingles. When missing, shingles should be replaced as soon as possible.


Gutter backup is a serious issue that can damage a roof in a short span of time. Monthly gutter checks are recommended, to avoid the need for costly roof repair.


Holes in the roof are caused by such things as a satellite dish or television antenna being removed or even a busy woodpecker. Obviously, holes in a roof result in leaks and need speedy repair.


Debris on a roof can cause water to pool up, causing over-saturation and, ultimately, leaks. Pine needles, leaves, twigs, and all other types of debris should be removed from rooftops without delay.

Contact Recon Roofing for Reliable Roof Repair
Recon Roofing has been serving the Palm Beach, Florida, area for 35-plus years. Homeowners all across the region have learned that our skilled experts can be relied upon for reliable roof repair and comprehensive roofing services. If your residential or commercial roof needs repair, please don’t delay. Contact Recon Roofing, to get your roof restored to good condition.